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End Bailouts! dot Org [P]

End Bailouts dot org -- at -- is an online advocacy resource and petition for people who refuse to allow their tax dollars to be given away to absorb the bad debts of private corporations. The message is :

No public liability for private debt!

Visit, sign the petition, write your Congresspeople, and stand up to protect your future from larceny!


AIDS is wack.
This organization is about changing behavior and policy to stop its spread.

Helvetica vs. Arial [P]

Do the suave thing, not the sorry thing. Get educated about the typefaces you use. Arial bit Helvetica but still turned out lame; however, clever marketing made it ubiquitous. If you think all sans serif typefaces are the same, check this article out and wake up.

The Scourge of Arial [P] is a transnational, multi-issue organization that musters the political will of people worldwide to effect positive change. It's mad popular -- check it out.

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