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International Debate Education Association [P]

Hepnova supports anything that gives young folks a chance to crawl out of the ignorance bucket. IDEA does more than that -- it gives kids a chance to develop the ability to speak on and defend their thoughts. A branch of the Open Society Institute founded by George Soros, IDEA gets the discourse poppin'. Peep educational game.

LeeSean dot net [P]
is LS' personal blog. Filled with fantastic vignettes of big-city life, arresting political news, and mouth-watering food talk, this site is required viewing. Learn what makes a Hepnova architect tick.

Tsar Nicholas Dot Com [P]

Discover "T$ar" Nicholas' unruly catalogue of solo material here. This is the spot for finding out what's really hood from the inventor of electrobilly.

The Morpions [P]

The Morpions

The Morpions are the most vital, and perhaps the only significant, chaotic-rock band in America. Fronted by unhinged polymath Jim Morpion and featuring appearances by Nicholas and Lee-Sean on some tracks, the Morpions slap some guts into the avant-garde. Moving from totally free, utterly improvised ensemble pieces and spoken word snippets to nearly recognizable songs, the Morpions will remind you of why you started listening to music in the first place. There is no fresher band in existence.

Stamp Out Literacy [P]

Whether it's serious or it's satire, this "culture-jamming" site is hilarious. If you thought that literacy was cool, this site might have you thinking twice before stepping into Borders next time.

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