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Best Shots

By Hepnova

This album collects the most accessible, the most listenable, and the overall best cuts recorded by Hepnova AKA The Ronald Raygun from 1998 to 2003. All killer, no filler, the styles range from the tabla-peppered dancefloor banger "Bionic Boyband in Bollywood" (from 1998) to the tough funk-rock anthem "Internal Ratchet Action" (from 2001).
Includes tracks from the groundbreaking 1999 album "Tourist You Are The Terrorist" and the unreleased but brilliant followup, 2000's flinty "Dojo of Hardcore," as well as remix and non-album sessions. Classic.

1. Struggling (After Hours Remix)
2. Internal Ratchet Action
3. Karaoke
4. Bionic Boyband In Bollywood
5. Sweet Tomatoes
6. Sex Power
7. Physical Tourette's
8. Metropolitain
9. Teenage Anthem
10. Speed
11. Understated/Overrated
12. Deep-Sea Fish
13. Solar Flare
14. La Verdad
15. La Morsa
16. Telephone Tag


By Hepnova

The new album brings ridiculoid freshness and a shockingly def set of jams that will really get to you! New for 2009 are the soul posse cut "Totally Confused," featuring the amazing voice of Jon David Rodis; the aggro-funk regional anthem "Cake City," and the haunting zombie prom heart-tugger "Again Tonight." All your favorite 2007-2008 tracks like "I Don't Want You" and "How Long" have been remixed with deffer sonics for your more bangin' groove pleasure. Hepnova : 2009 'til infinity!

-- The Doomed Cool feat. Sophia Chang
1. Totally Confused Feat. Jon David Rodis
2. Cake City
3. Again Tonight
4. I Don't Want You
5. How Long (Live Version)
5. You're For Me (feat. Bob Devine)
6. Coconut Suntan Fantasy
7. Distance

Dojo of Hardcore EP

By Hepnova

The long-lost sessions recorded by John Chase, Susan Webb Chase, and Nicholas in 2000 at the Grey Room in Arizona, now unearthed for your rockin' pleasure! Check out the pogo-inducing cover of the Motown classic "Money" and the raw, raunchy genius of the Chase-penned "La Verdad." With pumping bass, chilling vocal performances, and crispy live drums from Sue-Shi, this is truly classic material and a must-listen.

1. Money (That's What I Want) - Chase Mob 2000 Mix
2. Sex Power (Chase Mob 2000 Mix)
3. Midnight Chat (Chase Mob 2000 Mix)
4. Ennui (Chase Mob 2000 Mix)
5. La Verdad (Chase Mob 2000 Mix)

Tourist You Are The Terrorist

By Hepnova

This is the full, unexpurgated version of the only official release from the classic era, 1999's "Tourist You Are THe Terrorist." Recorded in 1998 and 1998 in full digital DIY mode, this record was engineered by Leesean and released on the Hepnova imprint in a limited run. Ahead of its time, this album presaged the current electro-rock movement. Full of unexpected and wild moments. The highlight is the first Raygun track ever recorded, Lee-Sean's uncategorizable "Telephone Tag."

1. Intro
2. Anthem
3. Bionic Boyband In Bollywood
4. Metropolitain
5. Physical Tourette's
6. Underground
7. Cubizt Night
9. Deep-Sea Fish
10. Scandinavian Lover (I Forgot To Be Your)
11. Ennui
14. Midnight Chat
15. Noir
16. Yellow Fever
17. Sweet Tomatoes
18. Post-Modern Poster Child
19. Red Hot Ice Queen
20. Wild Strawberries
21. Telephone Tag

Sex Cells

By Hepnova

This collection of tracks reveals the raw animal nature of the Hepnova crew. Recorded during the debased 1999-2000 era, these songs are sex obsession. Particularly featured here are the superb contributions of bassist John Chase and vocalist / percussionist Susan Webb, who lend freaky fun to the tracks and wrote the classic statement-of-purpose "Sexy Friends." The patently obscene "Sex Class" includes lyrical input from punk rock legend Brad Studio.

1. Sex Power
2. Flavor of the Month
3. Sexy Friends
4. Inside
5. Sex Class
6. Valley


By Hepnova

This collection shows what happens when Hepnova, Voltron-like, forms into a towering, straight-ahead rock band. The emphasis here is on live instruments and analog sounds. This collection includes the perfect Britpop ballad "Understated / Overrated" and the loose Latin feel of "Deep Sea Fish," along with the undeniable punk classic "Physical Tourette's." Most of this material is from the "classic" 1998-2000 era, but the title track is from the 2001 Hepnova sessions.

1. Physical Tourette's
2. Oblivion
3. Understated/Overrated
4. Deep-Sea Fish
5. Red Hot Ice Queen
6. Ennui
7. Drug Abuse

Wonton Lust

By Hepnova

These tunes have an Asian theme and are part of Leesean's pop supergroup concept Wonton Lust. From the perfect jangle-pop of "Karaoke" to the synthy poison of "Tokyo Methamphetamine Suicide," these tracks pack a kung fu wallop. Lyrics co-written by reclusive rocker Brad Studio add humor to the adolescent "Bumchow University."

1. Karaoke
3. Yellow Fever
4. Tokyo Methamphetamine Suicide


By Hepnova

A group of tracks showcasing the darker side of the Hepnova crepe, fried up in the 1998-2000 era. Despair, doubt, and self-negation are the themes, and the sounds are hazy and forboding.

1. Struggling (Original Mix)
2. I'm So Goth (I Can't Believe It)
3. Underground
4. Midnight Chat
5. Noir
6. Train Tracks

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