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Internal Ratchet Action

By Hepnova

On Best Shots

Snap into gear when you hear the thump
The dancefloor cringes for fear of being torn up
They double-take when they're guzzling Dom
Because you twist like Nixon and burn like napalm
Four years and seven scores ago, you were a suckerfish hanging on
But you were abducted, augmented
Now, you're a precision destructicon, oh baby

You got that mechanical, monstrous vibe
You got internal ratchet action
You got it, babe, shake it all night
Internal ratchet action

They all askin' where you get that juice
Did your daddy wind you up and turn you loose?
Is the world a bed of coals you must walk over?
Did you just drop in from the cliffs of Dover?
Well, don't you pay them no mind
They're stale ones -- now is your time
Lock in, rotate, engage
You got to tighten them up with this one

Just leave them standing, staring, holding the bag, you got
Internal Ratchet Action
You got it, babe, you're doing all right
Internal Ratchet Action, oh!
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017