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Solar Flare

By Hepnova

On Best Shots

I'm seeing stars; no flag in sight
My vision is switching to black-and-white
I can't run for cover, 'cause the room is bare
My skin's on fire like a solar flare

I'm standing in the hotel and I'm toeing the line
I'm bleeding all over the place
You will get away with this 'cause you are so fine
I will never be safe

You're doing things that I can't mention
It's kind of a drag, but I like the attention
I'm mad at you now, but I'll settle the score
When I slither back to you for more

I close my eyes and pray that this won't be the last time
My heart is starting to ache
My hands are shaking and my heart could stop on a dime
My will is starting to break

Cheeky, freaky
Hanky, panky
Maul me Dolly, mar me Barbie
Use me, bruise me
Choose me, lose me
Like me, strike me
Hit me Britney!
One more time
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017