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Struggling (After Hours Remix)

By Hepnova

On Best Shots

Now, I'm strugglin'
Steady stumblin'
I remember
My skin's crumbin'
We were travellin'
Our lives unravellin'
We're in the land
Of rising sin

I try to imagine you; I can't picture you at all
I try to catch a glimpse of you as you walk right through my wall
I try to contain you; you exist in a different phase
I can only see a part of you
I'm seein' in shades of grey

I'm strugglin'

I hear sirens; I hear silence
Hearing in tongues; I'm speaking violence
Does my color drain or does the white stain spread?
I'll be sealed in lead; I'm coughin'

I hear a quiet noise like the sound of police creepin'
You catch me unaware with my hand in a box of Wheat Thins
My pets conceal themselves as the police start to slide
I try to protect myself, but my blood can't seem to remain on the inside

I'm strugglin'

You're post-gorgeous
I'm post-dangerous
You're post-reason
Fads and rages
I'm post-living
You're post-"Post"
Your door's closed
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017