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Sweet Tomatoes

By Hepnova

On Best Shots

We were young and hungry and needed some bread
Allowance cut off, and in the red
So, we set out on foot in search of gainful employ

We found a new joint with a catchy sign
They said, "Hey, boys, you're going to do just fine.
We open next week and we need young strapping boys."

So we worked with our eyes upon the gold
Not knowing that we had just been sold

Sweet Tomatoes!

The managers weren't Henry Kissinger
Madame Curie? Well, the GM isn't her
But we courted collapse, still thinking of that dough

But soon, they began misusing us
Began abusing our naive trust
And we began to think "Hey, man, this kind of blows!"

They rode us like one rides a burden mule
But soon, our saddles had worn right through

Sweet Tomatoes!

Don't get us wrong, now,
Some of those people really were OK
The little blond chick and some of those cats,
They never stood in our way
But most of them were like a pack of lady Moussolinis
No sympathy for schoolkids staying late for extra cleaning
No remorse when rinign up to rob us of our summer
Cutting hours ruthlessly, without consent, oh bummer!
So I took things into my own hands, and before they could say "What the @%$#"
I went ahead and I quit that Tomato job, because it sucked!
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017