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Cake City

By Hepnova

On Hepnova

Cake city!  

La Cuidad de Cake!
Old folks die from th’ heat, th’ manioso creeps
But still we cake up daily, and we never sleep

Where th’ gun is legal,  money flows like time
Golf spreads like an illness, being broke’s a crime

Nobody is from here and th’ grads all split
But all day we plan big and we’re stacking chips

Our water is heisted, so desert lawns are green
We don't give a hoot about any scene

So if you come to Cake City, come ready to grind
Come with a hard heart and a hungry mind

Because if we catch you sleeping, what's yours is ours
Screw up, and you'll be pushing up desert flowers
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017