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Totally Confused Feat. Jon David Rodis

By Hepnova

On Hepnova

Somebody got it wrong
Others followed their lead
Spurious conclusions
Are what were reached

Everyone's got bad facts
And those facts aren't the same
Suddenly, shards of reality
Start to scatter like rain

It all started with a kind of ruse
Now all the people are getting abused
We're totally confused
The scene is totally confused now
Misapprehension and ballyhoo
Have got us totally confused

The view from above
Must look like a sea of ticks
We throw each noodle at the wall
But nothing ever sticks

Gripped by panic
We're scuttling about
Now every woman and every man
Is twisted with doubt


We dug ourselves a trench
And we jumped down in it
We're down here in slow rot, stench of death
And we wilt like spinach

But we dig it still
And we make more snaps
Truly, I say to you, soon
Those walls will collapse


Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017