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By Hepnova

On Sex Cells

I like my boys fragile in Springtime
I like my girls ripe in the Autumn
I like this World down on its knees in front of me
This is a flashback to happier times
This is a soundtrack the silent film in my Mind
The World is for Conquest
A lensflare and good-bye

Don't forget to breathe
Pay no mind to me
As I tell the truth 28 frames a second
Will you make love to the camera,
Just this once, for me?

Here comes the Gloryshot
The pressure's on don't be caught faking
I am a desperate fan
I need a man for the taking
You were a femme fatale in a polyester gown
I lost my heart's morale when you came into soft-focus
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017