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Yellow Fever

By Hepnova

On Tourist You Are The Terrorist

You’re like Salmon Sashimi
In the buff
Just like Ika
You are so Tough
Oh so chewy!
Do we agree?
Catch of the day
You are my prey
Drink my sweet sake

It smells like fish
Like yesterday’s dish
Soy sauce chicken
The clock is tickin’
She’s ripe for pickin’

Pickle me in Ginger
And taste what I’ve got
Dip me in Wasabi
And Savor my raw flavor
Roll a beat
Fetish for feet
You like red, red meat
So good to eat

He’s pretty shy
For a gaijin white guy
You sigh and you swoon
When he enters the room
To taste Slant Eyed Soul Food
To give you some
Bamboo Voodoo
Yellow Fever is in the air
Fish-eating predators
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017