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Tokyo Methamphetamine Suicide

By Hepnova

On Wonton Lust

Iíve got my Shinjuku nite
And my Kowloon daze
Iíve got my age-old vices
That you call a faze
Iíve got my new fly threads
From the glossy page
Iíve my rear view mirror
In a guilded cage

Iíve got my jet set moves
New York to LA
Iíve got word on the street
Or so the hipsters say
Iíve got the bullet train
Madness in my head
Iíve got a newfound
Species sleeping in my bed

Mon ennui est mon ami
Mon ennui est mon ami
Mon ennui est mon ami
Hiropon No Seppuku

Got a red light on
Are you ready for business?
Iíve got a health food obsession
Iím looking for sickness
Iíve got my silicon idols
On my LCD screen
Iíve got my ghetto blaster rivals
In the fade-out scene

I jump off buildings
And I try to fly
The city is a termite
That will never die
Yukio Mishima on
National TV
Akira Kurosawa in
My REM dreams

Iíve got my chemicals
Madness, a pachinko machine
Copyright (P) © Hepnova 1998 - 2017